I just watched an amazing news video today on the website of Portland, ME TV station WMTW. It features a burner by the name of Dylan Stewart, and his creation at Bold Coast Burns in Maine.  It is worth watching the 30 second ad to see Dylan at work with his blowtorch. Yes -- a blowtorch. His imaginative creations of sea creatures, with spiny fins, lively eyes, and ornate scales are created using a blasting blue flame and metal spatulas that help guide the heat to just where he wants it.

Dylan (and his beautiful full-size fish art) has been getting the recognition he deserves as a first class burning artist, featured in regional magazines and artistic events. As an avid angler and New England artist, he has found a way to combine both loves into his own creative fire. 

Check out his website (the link above), or go HERE for his facebook page

Apparently, Dylan hasn't always used a blowtorch for his work. While searching on the web, I found THIS video of him making his creations with a Colwood Cub system. As you can see, his blowtorch method goes much faster, and burns darker than a typical pyrographic pen. Any loss of subtle detail, or uncertain control of the flame, is no real problem for pieces that are this large and bold. 

Still photo capture from WMTW video
A brief look at Amazon, and I'm surprised to find a small blowtorch for a tempting price tag, which makes me all the more interested in trying it out myself. Dylan -- if you read this -- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 

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