Here are three successive phases of the same small project (only 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches). One important key to creating "believable" fantasy is to make it realistic. Yes -- that seems self-contradictory. But in this image, for example, the tree bark, the bear anatomy, the shadows and shading all need to have enough accuracy for the viewer to have a sense of "reality" -- even in this small window to the world of imagination. Fantasy is always more fun when it has just enough of the "real world" to make us think that this place really could exist somewhere. Want to create your own original mermaid, but you don’t have one to photograph? (They are elusive creatures, after all.) Look for photos of actual fish and swimmers underwater to see how the currents move their hair about. Those are the touches that will add just enough “realism” to your fantasy images.
woodburning pyrography donwhite

Regarding the size, one of the benefits of creating smaller images is that burn artists can enjoy adding the tiniest details without the time commitment it would take on larger projects. It's fun to add those fine touches (like wrinkles around the trees' eyes, or whiskers on the bear's snout) -- the kind of detail that invites viewers to draw near and examine your work up close and personal.

Keep checking back. I'll post the finished project soon.

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I decided to name this "The Hunters" because it is unclear which one is the hunter, for they both appear to be hunting each other....