Image of the "Jolly Green Giant."The “green man” motif has been around for a long time, with countless versions. I don’t know his origin (no one does), but I suspect it has to do with our natural love of nature, and feeling at home in our natural world. You’ll find different versions of him carved in medieval churches and other centuries-old buildings across Europe. One of the modern manifestations is the friendly “Jolly Green Giant,” who has been convincing American children to eat their vegetables since 1928. 

I was happy to find a home for my Green Man recently at a local art fair. At the same event, I was also happy to see another version of him by a chainsaw woodcarver. It was beautiful, and I wish I had taken a photo of both our friendly green creations side by side.


  1. Your Green Man is just stunning in real life..........Jan Cartwright

    1. How kind. Thank you, Jan! I'm so glad it found a home while at the Canyon Art Fair.



I decided to name this "The Hunters" because it is unclear which one is the hunter, for they both appear to be hunting each other....