Booth filled with art at outdoor arts and crafts fair.
We had a great time at the Canyon Art Fair in Mill City last weekend. I was grateful to sell a few art pieces and some copies of my book on the Pilgrims. The weather was less than cooperative, however, with breezes blowing my artwork down several times. Fortunately, none of it was damaged. I cannot say the same, however, for a fellow artist whose oil landscapes were blown to the ground, with one of them punctured right in the middle.

By mid afternoon the storm clouds came, with the wind blowing the rain beneath our (borrowed) canopy. The kind director of the art fair told the vendors we could leave early if we wish. This is not usually allowed, for the sake of late-arriving art customers, but a few of us took her up on her compassionate offer and began packing it in.

About the time my wife and I got everything in our Subaru Forester, the storm began to fade, and the sun revealed itself once again. I looked at my wife and pointed at the sunshine. “I’m NOT taking it all out again,” she said. So we didn’t. I slunk away, apologetically, leaving behind most of the other artists and crafters.

Despite suitable promotion, I'm sure we all would've liked to see more foot traffic in this out-of-the-way location for an art fair, but the scenery was beautiful, we made new friends, several locals came out, and it is always exciting to be around other artists.

Canyon Arts Center, home of Santiam Hearts to Arts Association
We got to chat it up with various painters, metal artists, glass workers, authors, chainsaw carvers, a potter working at his wheel, sketch artists, and many other creative and talented folks. How often does that happen? I was surprised at how many artists they attracted for the occasion.

Though far from any urban (or even suburban) populations, the Canyon Art Center has a lot going for it, including the loyal support of local art lovers and many artists determined to share their passion in the middle of the tree-covered hills of Oregon.

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