Image of a pet Sheltie burned onto pine

This is Haimish. “Haimish” (or Hamish) is the Scottish version of “James,” which (in the kindest sense of the word) means “follower.” It is also Yiddish for “friendly,” which is appropriate because this beautiful Sheltie dog has been a friendly follower in his family for many years. This portrait is a mixed media work of burn art, with (artist-quality) colored pencil, on about a twelve inch square cut of pine. There is something so fitting about using burn art to render animals, because the natural feel of the medium compliments such natural subjects as animals -- particularly wildlife.

Four antique images of pets
Artistic renderings of pets (even hunting animals or prize livestock) is a tradition that goes back as far as the beginning of fine arts. And there is no shortage of artists willing to render pets in all kinds of mediums, from bronze sculptures to cartoon-style images. If you wish to have a painting done of your beloved animal, I recommend my friend Jodeen at Conjure Fine Art. I've seen several of her works, and she's made many pet owners very happy with her pet portraits.

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I decided to name this "The Hunters" because it is unclear which one is the hunter, for they both appear to be hunting each other....