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I’m pleased to announce that my piece “Every Tuesday” not only sold at the art exhibit, but it sold the very first day – before the artist reception even began that evening (last Friday). As required, the piece will hang in the exhibition for the two months of the show (Radius 25) before the buyers may take it home. 

One of the gallery workers at the Bush Barn Art Center said the buyers felt an emotional connection with the image, reminding them of a family member and his habit of going to a local diner for friends and coffee. It's always a joy to know that your art has been "adopted" by someone who connected with your work. 

I saw several new artist friends (from Artists in Action) and their supporters, along with a good turnout of Salem art patrons. Mine was the only pyrographic piece in the exhibit, and it was the first time many had seen serious art done in this medium. So I had the joy of explaining the "creative fire" of making fine art using merely wood and a very hot stylus. 

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I decided to name this "The Hunters" because it is unclear which one is the hunter, for they both appear to be hunting each other....